Galilee Legends


Legends lay at the bottom of the hill

overlooking the legends they wrote and sang

Rachel the Poet and Naomi Shemer

by the Kinneret’s edge south

“There are the Golan mountains,

extend your hand and touch them”

but she never did or could, romantic

lover of Zion passed on years before those Six Days

legendary Golan now a short drive away

yearned for mountains from exile

no longer there but here by our map’s legend

That eucalyptus grove on the Jordan shore

“the bridge the boat the briny smell on the water”

now just outside my car window

driving by where the legends lay

legendary Land of Israel, Galil and Kinneret

today part of everyday living

dreamy songs of beyond the Jordan now within reality

tales of date palms relayed abroad

sold daily now even expected for granted

our legendary nation prayed for millennia for all this

look out over this Sea of Galilee by my home

stories of God’s Book, its people, tannaim and amoraim

mystical magical Jordan River our nation crossed over

fed from northern Chatzbani-Banyas-Dan

acronym moychin ChaBaD, as Nation as Land

tangible accessible palpable places and concepts

legend tales alive in the here and now

that were still legends close to those laid legends.


Author: songsofasoulofisrael

Check out my books: Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order. By Yemima Bakol, Targum Press, 2017 - or - & To Cross The Line With a Bridge, by Yemima Belmont, Rabeinu Publications, 2015 available at - or - - or -

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