The Uniqueness of Our Generation

The following is taken from the book Matan Torah by the great kabbalist, “Ba’al HaSulam” Rabbi Yehuda HaLevy Ashlag z”l:


Complete devekut (cleaving) and complete hassaga (comprehension) has 125 general levels.  It is impossible to attain all 125 levels before the Messiah comes…

The exception is Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his generation who wrote the Zohar.  They merited all 125 levels completely even before yamot Mashiach (our generation being before the coming of the Messiah)…

The Zohar made such a strong impact on the world because the secrets it contains include all 125 levels.

The Zohar says that it (the Zohar) will not be revealed until the end of days, that is, until the time of the Messiah…

The fact that the Zohar has been revealed in our generation is clear proof that we are already in the Messianic era and at the beginning of the generation wherein “the entire land is filled with knowledge of God” (Isaiah).

[Article “On Conclusion of the Zohar”]

One Was Abraham


The following is found on the single page entitled “Omission” that is just between Parts I and II of Likutei Moharan, the Writings of Rebbe Nachman.

“Echad Haya Avraham”, One Was Abraham, is part of the verse in Ezekiel 33: 24.

And these 3 words have become a Chassidic “mantra” – they are the essence of Judaism.


One was Abraham – that Abraham served Hashem only by that he was one, and thought in his mind that he was the only one in the world, and did not look at all on the people of the world, who turn away from Hashem and obstruct him, and not on his father and the other obstructers, only as if he is the only one in the world, and that is [the explanation of]: One Was Abraham.  And such is for all who want to enter into the Service of Hashem, it is impossible to enter except by way of this concept that one should think that there is no one in the world but he singularly alone in the world, and not look at any person who obstructs him, such as his father and mother or his father-in-law and his wife and children, and so on, or the obstacles that are from the rest of the world, who make fun of him and incite him and obstruct from the Service of Hashem.  And he needs to not sense and look at them at all, [rather] only be as the concept: One Was Abraham – as if it is just he in the world as mentioned above.

Middot Tzaddikim


Those amazing ones who withstand all storms

I want them to teach me how

how not to be swept out to sea and under

pulled by tsunami, moments when even whole towns are erased

how not to lose footing when tornado strikes

sucked in with the cars and farms and homes

in to the twirling finger from the sky

Those amazing ones know how not to lose footing

know how to weather these storms of extreme

how to not get blown away from the strong winds

of epicureanism and denial on terra firma

devastating hurricanes of anger of the yetzer

Teach me how you keep firmly in place upright

when the entire world spins and quakes

how to see straight when the world’s in spiritual vertigo

how to stay cool in the heat wave of outrage

light sprinkles are not trial but the extreme downpours

overwrought, frazzled, frustrated beyond the calm

of calm-cool-collected poise and virtue

merit and solid pillars of this world.

Parashat Lech Lecha


It’s all in what they’re not showing

within the letters, beneath the lines, beyond the words

what you see is the box

the treasure chest

only to scavenger hunt discover

the real treasure find

greater than gold or gems

what it really means that the greatest

revolutionary Abraham went out from

Light-as-Demons, Ohr Kassdim to

the Wrath of God, Haran

mapless to the ultimate uncharted Land gift

to just go, get up and go without a clue

the way, the journey, the destination

to the first of firsts Hebrew and father

comes the first refugee – of the Deluge

the first Cohen to The High God, Malki-Zedek

bringing bread and wine, Shem ben Noah

they had string and shoe laces too.

King of Sodom, In-Evil, BeRah

King of Gomorrah, In-Wicked, Birsha

kings in the Valley of the Demons,

The Salt Sea

that Shem is Ailam, KedarlaOmer

come to the Eye of Law, that is Holy

leaving the unholy land

Preface to our great Exodus from Egypt

Pillar of Smoke and Pillar of Fire

to go between the pieces of the exile parts

to enter our Promised Land.

All in The Beginning


like awakening screaming from a bad dream
the world reacts to the subconscious collective soul
screaming and yelling without apparent rhyme or reason
God warns Moshe of the “bad race”
we know it exists when all try to deny it
know it, but cannot say here what’s up front in the World of Truth
same bad race called the erva immodesty of the world
when cannot fathom how they roam half-naked
flaunt the erva, parades rallies displays ad naseum
they are called the heart of stone, the 32 LV-code
that only God Himself will be able to finish off
they are called the forces of division
divide and conquer profanity
the very venom of the snake Erev Rav
they are four times more than Am Yisrael
the incognito camouflage as and among the Am
that want to recreate the golden calf all over
and worse to destroy our entire nation and land, chalila
same LV-code wise heart of Rebbe Akiva’s words
the pure marble rocks versus ordinary rocks
like comparing life and death, wise heart and the fool’s
Tree of Life unity and Tree of Knowledge division good and evil
the World of Truth knows no division
even the broken tablets are not
but pure marble rocks of unity of Torah
so, don’t lie saying Water Water lies
parallel LV-code pure heart that God made me.

Parallel Realities of Color


Colors of the binary poles of the universe
each separate, separated pole, do not blend
to cross makes Mother Nature cross
on either side of the battery sit iconic octopi
far-reaching tentacles from its singular self
two poles, sides of the power battery, camps
right pole, positive column of traits
male, giving, white, potential influencing energy
left pole, negative (not bad) column of traits
female, receiving, red, realizing energy
give and take, a balanced flow
desire to influence with desire to receive
elevated highest if desire to receive in order
to influence to enable receipt, endless
but it’s only one or the other on separate pole ends
white male life-giving milk and sperm
red female life-taking meat and blood
far-reaching tentacles of each pole
life-giving poles of water and salt
matter-consuming red fire
that little red dress, dressed to kill, to take
white light refracts all its waves, gives
It’s all in the flow, the circuitry, the circle
Good defined as desire to receive in order to give
open channel flowing through
Evil defined as desire to receive for oneself alone
no consideration no care, cold indifference greed
one-way flow that expires, clogs, blows a fuse
or the whole electric box, burn out
why they wore red in Sodom & Gomorrah
why Torah forbids wearing the color red
the good wavelength of peace and unity coming together
the wavelength of diversity and coming apart, away
red longest Doppler wavelength opposes the goal
white worn on Shabbat, wedding, and ultimately
when soul is returned to its Maker, to be one with

למצוא בפועל

(art from the Tiberias Open Air Museum)

כיצד מצא נוח דבר מה באלוקים
כיצד מצא בעין האלוקים, את עינו
כיצד נמצא חן, הבפועל המציאה
האכן מצא נוח חן או האלוקים בו
מי מצא את מי
שלשת הפעלים נלווים ותלויים זה בזה
יגעת ומצאת תאמין
אולי האלוקים מצא בו ומצא פעיל
ונוח מצא חן בעיני ה’
כי חיים הם למוצאיהם , כרוך יגיעה
בהעדר אחד חסר שלשתם
אם זו בדרך העולם הזה
כמציאת משיח מיגיעה ואמונה
ולא כעקיצת עקרב מהעדרן
לא כן אם מידי שמים, אז פועל פועל לבדו
הפועל או האלוקים אם כי שניהם כרצונו
יגעתי באנחתי ומנוחה לא מצאתי
איכה סורב ירמיהו מרוב יגיעה ואמונה
ואתן לכם ארץ אשר לא יגעת בה וערים אשר לא בניתם
כך פעולה שמעל לטבע ולעולם הזה
בעולם הזה דרוש ליגע למצוא ולהאמין
לכן זו בזכות פעולתו ליגע ולהאמין כי
מצא נוח חן בעיני האלוקים.


Halacha L’Moshe From Sinai


from the art of the Tiberias Open Air Museum


How I envy your private tutorial, Moshe
the ultimate crash course of all times
pull an all-nighter for forty nights straight
so immersed in all that material no food no drink
not a bite or sip for forty days too
and to learn it all straight from the greatest of Masters
The Source Itself
The Inventor, The Creator of all He Himself made
Nikrat HaTzur the dimensional vortex on Sinai
Elijah’s very same spot later too
where one man went up to meet
The One God of the universe Who came down
just for you, Moshe, for us
you had to learn all of it to transmit through the generations
by word of mouth, father to son, The Word
Messora message and wisdom with The Written Word
till the eve of our last and excruciatingly long exile
all recall recorded in words, the oral dimension of wisdom
with its very own sing-song method of learning
also taught from Elijah the Prophet
confined to paper to never lose or forget
and we haven’t.
How I envy your private tutorial, Moshe
that you yourself gave for forty years
sixty ribbo souls who learned straight from you
the greatest of prophets who learned it all
straight “mipi hagevura” on Sinai
all arranged so they-we could learn
clothes and shoes that never wore out or faded
food straight from Heaven and completely absorbed
no housework, no cleaning, no expenses
no exposure to the elements to the desert
a cocoon of Torah
from which we are now its

This Holy Place Where You Stand


from the art of the Tiberias Open Air Museum


The bush did not burn
Because two dimensions simultaneously fused
the bush as judgment burns
understanding was revealed to Moshe, Binah
is mercy does not burn
opposites do not cancel each other out
in the spiritual
lots of darkness is expelled by little light
synergy still goodness wins, always wins!

The Mask is Better Than


The mask is well-written
a thriller a page-turner masterpiece
so we buy it and read it and kvell
snug in that intimate dimension of a story
great lines well-researched escape
so much better than actual reality
layered story and characters and subplots and
engrossing dialog multi-paged drivel
art with rich motifs and themes and
of hollow meaning and value
reader seeks answers and meaning
left dazzled and dazed from a great read
perfect punctuation smart metaphors
raves of the critics for the craft
the mask will feed your lowest self
boost the base part and keep it there
best-seller lost of way and truth
read between the lines nothing there
colorful mask for art’s sake only
nothing behind the mask held to reflect
empty reflects not but itself
shelves packed with top quality realistic
its readership a generation wracked
with drugs, depression, lost, seeking searching
their base wanting up and out and sublime
but nothing there behind the mask
addictions to numb after the last page
when nothing’s left to hold on to.