Parallel Realities of Color


Colors of the binary poles of the universe
each separate, separated pole, do not blend
to cross makes Mother Nature cross
on either side of the battery sit iconic octopi
far-reaching tentacles from its singular self
two poles, sides of the power battery, camps
right pole, positive column of traits
male, giving, white, potential influencing energy
left pole, negative (not bad) column of traits
female, receiving, red, realizing energy
give and take, a balanced flow
desire to influence with desire to receive
elevated highest if desire to receive in order
to influence to enable receipt, endless
but it’s only one or the other on separate pole ends
white male life-giving milk and sperm
red female life-taking meat and blood
far-reaching tentacles of each pole
life-giving poles of water and salt
matter-consuming red fire
that little red dress, dressed to kill, to take
white light refracts all its waves, gives
It’s all in the flow, the circuitry, the circle
Good defined as desire to receive in order to give
open channel flowing through
Evil defined as desire to receive for oneself alone
no consideration no care, cold indifference greed
one-way flow that expires, clogs, blows a fuse
or the whole electric box, burn out
why they wore red in Sodom & Gomorrah
why Torah forbids wearing the color red
the good wavelength of peace and unity coming together
the wavelength of diversity and coming apart, away
red longest Doppler wavelength opposes the goal
white worn on Shabbat, wedding, and ultimately
when soul is returned to its Maker, to be one with

Author: songsofasoulofisrael

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