Middot Tzaddikim


Those amazing ones who withstand all storms

I want them to teach me how

how not to be swept out to sea and under

pulled by tsunami, moments when even whole towns are erased

how not to lose footing when tornado strikes

sucked in with the cars and farms and homes

in to the twirling finger from the sky

Those amazing ones know how not to lose footing

know how to weather these storms of extreme

how to not get blown away from the strong winds

of epicureanism and denial on terra firma

devastating hurricanes of anger of the yetzer

Teach me how you keep firmly in place upright

when the entire world spins and quakes

how to see straight when the world’s in spiritual vertigo

how to stay cool in the heat wave of outrage

light sprinkles are not trial but the extreme downpours

overwrought, frazzled, frustrated beyond the calm

of calm-cool-collected poise and virtue

merit and solid pillars of this world.

Author: songsofasoulofisrael

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