Off Defending…Who?

(pic taken from posts on Facebook)

(in the aftermath of Netiv HaAvot, Amona, Ofra’s 7, and Gush Katif)


send boys off to fight the Six Days

then give our Temple Mount to Wakf

get to Hevron, but seal Isaac’s tomb from Jews

send em off to defend the country from terror

and get jailed and demoted for doing so

sent off to protect the country

as the very army you serve demolishes your very own home

who are you defending and what protecting?

The country is ours, the state is not

foreign rule foreign state foreign rules

They’ll love you if you fight for the enemy

They’ll love you if you denounce your Am

sleep with the enemy the terrorists and missionaries

but defend Torah? defy assimilation?

Torah’s on the wrong side of these wrong tracks

send the boys off to serve a foreign god

on our Promised Land the Erev Rav rule

the state and its army are false gods

Do you see yet, Am Yisrael?!

as the angel told the Kuzari king

“Your intension is acceptable in the eyes of God,

but your deeds are not acceptable.”

in the eyes of the One and only God.


“If you see towns plucked from their places in the Land of Israel, know that they did not pay the salaries of the teachers of the Written and Oral Torah” (Midrash Rabba).

“If in My statutes you walk and My commandments you keep and do them, then…you will dwell in your land in safety [and]…I will give peace in the land” (VaYikra 25: 18, 26: 1-6).

We Do Not Feel What We Miss

(mural on the side of the HaMashbir in Tiberias)

(29/11/17 in the aftermath of Netiv HaAvot)


at the time of the Temple

there was someone to trust and give counsel

at the time of King Solomon

there was justice and order and peace

all the days of Solomon peace and security

every man under his vine and fig tree

illness was brought to the Cohen to cure

prophets had to prove themselves

then offered direction, answers, and miracles

individuals could turn to the Cohens for help

the body politic governed by word of God

the High Priest’s 12-stone template of answers

this is the habitat of our nation

like a forest whose trees have all been felled

rendered a barren field forgets its nature as forest

so many years removed from our environment

we do not feel we are without our trees

unfamiliar with the true nature of a forest

we habituated unquestioning to our barren forest

we do not feel what we should miss, what is missing

shepherdless herd led by wolves, led astray

foreign wolves rule destroying our homes

among the myriad of single people

after myriad of fallen marriages

this is the destruction of our Temple

herd together in its lonely solitude left to wait

personal pains and national woes

and no where to turn for answers and support

and thus the world suffers too

O’ Abba, renew our days as before!

Absolute Reality


(part II of a III-part poem in Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order)


documented reported evidence

in black & white

written in the paper –

flimsy hard copy –

cut it out and filed as fact

without noting the correction posted


creating darkness in understanding

from white lie

how many millions read the lie?

how few read the note?

all those term papers substantiated,

prejudices evoked,

conclusions reached

all based on a mistake

all devoured without checking the ingredients.


The 1-Hour Resurrection of the Dead


(based on the famous talk of the Rabbi Chaim of Brisk)


white plaster cracks

marble tombstones begin to move

ancient moss uproots as graves open up

the cemetery soil is pushed aside

from silence and motionlessness creaks and screeches

the dead stretch and surface, movement coming alive

We believe with absolute faith that this will occur

Imagine, if you will, being afforded a preview.

a 1-hour, true-time, real-life reality

to happen tomorrow morning!

the rumor proves actually true!

but for one hour only, then all reverts back

families rush to arrange a big reunion

media gets in place for the live scoop

pen-in-hand writers to transcribe biographies

cooking up welcoming old favorite dishes

then, no one sleeps a wink

anticipating hugs and kisses and reminiscing

But No!  The very hour arrives!

they brush off the earth, squint from the light

pick up their shrouds…and run!  past all

right past everyone and every thing

as fast as their revived legs can take them

a mad dash – grandpas and great uncles – run

commotion, together, all go straight by it all

to the shuls and study halls – to grab Torah

whatever they can find, whatever they can cram in

in their hour of truth: Tractates, Talmud, any sefer kodesh

till that very last moment of life.

Wine From The Six Days


(from Parashat VaYetzhe, Zohar Chadash, 41)


The greatest wine of the world is not liquid

smooth and flowing will get the righteous drunk on its wisdom

on secrets never revealed to date to man

the most coveted most valuable wine

is not for sale

it’s priceless

reserve wine reserved for tzaddikim

original highest quality aged to perfection

packaged in The Arc of the Covenant

micro-region persons, The micro-origins

territorial origin the origin of creation

critical acclaim claimed only for the worthy

exclusive production, the deepest most sublime wine

will not be for sale or order

on the orders of creation.

The Day of Distraction


(based on Rav Chaim of Volozhyn’s description of the Geula)


The big awaited day will be an ordinary day

of soup and errands and daily running

don’t be late, the mundane of this world

just when you least expect it

and don’t need distractions and interruptions

the final whistle blow – it’s time, it’s over

Wait!  But the soup pot will boil over!

Forget the soup pot, forget your schedule!

Get on your designated special clothes

not the factory’s work-day whistle

not the referee’s time-out whistle

the end-of-days shofar blowing

intensifying throughout the world to know

Did you wait for it?  Anticipate it? –

it’ll be your finders-keepers find

No? – it’ll sting like a scorpion.

Ya’acov the Yeshiva Bochur


(Parashat VaYetze, Rashi on 28: 11 and 13)


finally got to lay his head down to sleep at night

after fourteen years at Yeshiva Shem and Ever

first night head lays on Mount Moriah

where twelve become one for the nation he builds

nights had been spent awake in the tents of Torah

Ya’acov, a yeshiva bochur, now sleeps outdoors

guards his head from wild animals

rocks argue over serving the Tzaddik

the entire land folded up under his pillow

the very gateway to heaven

never slept nights in grandpa Abraham’s

great-great-great grandfather Ever’s yeshiva

he the great-grandson of Shem the Semite

from the very beginning of time

while brother Esau rejects Father’s Law.