The Rav Kook of Tveria

(The Rav Dov Isser HaCohen Kook shlit”a)


four a.m. on the outskirts of Tiberius

the farm before the city before urban distraction

a tzaddik of bygone generations

alive in ours, time-walker in our time

almost incongruous, of past sages and rebbes

yet here and now in this ancient city

just up the rural dirt path

a back open field, space

overlooking city and sea

a sight right for horses and carriages

yes, there are horses

and goats and chickens

in the darkness before dawn

his shamash’s car pulls him right in

as he has done so for ten years now

right into the farm for the few minutes it takes

he comes to drink fresh goat milk

in the quiet of the hour equanimity

golden threaded tunic over layers

of holy talleisim Encircling Light

then return to his service of God

this Godly messenger of God

prays for our Am for our world

for the Jerusalems of Above and Below

for Shechinta b’Afra, b’Galuta

sits and studies Torah, fasts, devotion

as the world slumbers body and soul

but this 19th Cheshvan morning

a little boy is brought in a wheelchair

a little boy all the hi-tec, science, and medicine

this new millennia cannot help

all the technology and specialists of modernity have failed

the boy is brought for a blessing

and is blessed times 500

the ways and words of the tzaddik.

Author: songsofasoulofisrael

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