The Day of Distraction


(based on Rav Chaim of Volozhyn’s description of the Geula)


The big awaited day will be an ordinary day

of soup and errands and daily running

don’t be late, the mundane of this world

just when you least expect it

and don’t need distractions and interruptions

the final whistle blow – it’s time, it’s over

Wait!  But the soup pot will boil over!

Forget the soup pot, forget your schedule!

Get on your designated special clothes

not the factory’s work-day whistle

not the referee’s time-out whistle

the end-of-days shofar blowing

intensifying throughout the world to know

Did you wait for it?  Anticipate it? –

it’ll be your finders-keepers find

No? – it’ll sting like a scorpion.

Author: songsofasoulofisrael

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