Shabbes Soul


Friday afternoon transformation

preps for spiritual dimensional takeoff

doors close at sundown:00

launch from under world mix of good and evil

to simulated upper world of only good

simulated taste of the World to Come

given addition to the soul to beam up

gift of the gifted Shabbes soul and Shabbes

to all Am Yisrael to practice living up there

out of this world of lies and distractions

to the completed world, all rests in perfection

soul’s add-on overlay spiritual space-suit

like Eliyahu’s cloakroom-mudroom on the sun

unveils the opaqueness and darkness

opens perception as fine-tune landing on a frequency

return after next sundown

return the transformational addition

from insights and understanding of timeless upper worlds

until time runs out down down there

Oh, don’t leave me with three stars!

A Person’s Obligation to Carry Out [in Action] One’s Part in Torah


Words of Instruction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe ztz”l –


“There are issues that the great [Torah scholars] of the generation keep quiet about, and do not react to,

this is not always proof that one is not supposed to do anything about [these issues],

and find accounts and arguments to avoid [these issues].

One must know that if s/he sees her/himself capable of doing something about the discussed, [then] one needs to do so,

and the fact that those greater than her/himself do not say a word is possibly in order ‘for Pinchas to take the Kehuna [priesthood]’ as it is written in the Midrash…”


(the translated Likutei Sichot, part 2, parashat Pinchas – brought in the Rav Moshe Chaim Armoni’s Bati L’Armoni: Derushim on the Parshot By Way of the PaRDe”S, parshat Pinchas, p. 273)

that comfy delusional dimension

(from the art of the Tiberius Open Air Museum)

dimension of illusion here in this world

that comfy delusion of comfort of this world

veils the truth of the real world

beware don’t fall for the illusion

trappings that affect a sense of security

are a trap

security to let down one’s guard

relax feel safe, comfy, cozy, and secure

false scent and sense on a hunt

warms and fuzzies perception and consciousness

security blankets pulling the wool over the eyes

of those seemingly warmed by them


warm and cozy home of Abraham

sense and feeling of community belonging

father’s big name securing comfort

left it all behind set out alone

in the cold unknown

the ultimate test of truth


terra firma is not firm ground during earthquakes

nor the shores during tsunamis

security systems and uniformed trained personnel

false security service to policies not to people

comfort of routine stupefying luxury

money can’t buy love, health, or happiness

take a deep breath of air that might be polluted

or water that may need boiling

of fruit that may need detox washing

all it takes is a smallest mosquito or germ

this world the work place offers no perks of security


(from the art of the Tiberius Open Air Museum)

at what point do facts no longer matter

when a built reality is forced on other

made-up facts that do not exist

at what point can a people’s thousands of years

existence be deemed as naught

at what point does this matter if derived from

fear or greed or arrogance or jealousy or hate or

at what point can Revelation known to all

be wiped clean from the records and books

and minds and souls know it could never be taken

souls will know forever

at what point are human beings no longer reasonable

when facts are not considered or checked

their fantasy made-up is their real

some put together a made-up people to displace The

thousands years existing one

others put together a made-up messiah god

how much brain-washing is needed to extinguish thought

how much slaughter and gothic intimidation is required

till facts are buried, questions ceased, fact-seekers silenced

diversion tactics till good questions are quelled and quashed

how much blood is needed to quiet free thought

if I told you the truth would you believe would you listen that

they made up  a people and

they made up a messiah

all knowledge and wisdom from Sinai

both twist to build towers to heaven of lies to replace

the witnesses-caretakers, of the knowledge-wisdom

one to replace the people

one to replace the word

She has left home wide and open

gave them plenty of time and space

figure it all out put it all together in her exile

vacancy to allow free thought and will and choice

She is set to return home to Her House

when She’s back that wide and open will be closed

occupancy of Her own home ends the freedom to lie

choices and wills over and done

Shechinah will no longer allow loose talk and babble

She’ll topple all towers of lies to heaven

you should have asked and listened She will say

once She’s home it will be too late it will be all over

the Nation of Witnesses and caretakers of the wisdom will be

over galut.

Expressing Chanukah

(painting by Yehezkel Sender)

arrogant mighty Esau-Edom

always trying to take or destroy what’s ours

desecrate all the pure kosher oils

to serve in The Temple of God

Esau-Edom’s sword always drawn for Jewish blood

nations of this world have all had their grandeur hour

nations’ manner of celebrating victory – displaying might

huge parades of armies show off massive weapons

masses marching might tanks planes might

His Chosen People only want to serve Him

humble servants of The Temple Cohanim

with God’s grace triumphed over Esau-Edom

the weak over the mighty, the few over the many

Esau-Edom have always massacred most or many

from the Crusades to the Holocaust

but out of the ashes, detritus, and debris

that single remaining 1-day cruse of pure oil

light continually for eight days thereafter

the very story of our survival

the miracle of that little surviving bit

pure, untouched, undefiled, holy of our miraculous nation

the torchbearers who carry on

bearing the messora, The Message of God from Mount Sinai

Chanukah, the celebration of victory

display not man’s self-idolatrous might

no goose-step or high-step or show of might

Am Yisrael – lights candles

memorializing that last lone light

look how many light today

The Egyptian’s Slave

(from Jordan River Dates box)

(from Parashat VaYeshev)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

just a lad of seventeen

mother-orphaned daddy’s-boy

home-schooled in Dad’s tent of Torah

steamy spicy tea and warmth of indoors

innocence without outdoor street-smartness

suddenly sold as an arab slave




no more indoor study

trek through the desert with camels

what’s a nice Jewish boy doing in an Egyptian jail

a Ben-Torah in the hands of idol-worshipping arabs

in a dug pit in the ground

soil of the land of sorcery and impurity

down in the Land of Egypt

lowered into the underground

jail pit of criminals

Joseph committed no crime

Potiphar’s evil wife lied about him

stolen out of the Land of the Hebrews

Joseph only brought good to his master’s home

young boy alone among foreigners to him, all foreign

great holy soul exiled from homeland and home

far away from family, Torah’s tent, and


The Real Dimension & Meaning

(sidewalk art in Yavniel)

“Know, that one must always focus on the inner intelligence of every matter, and bind himself to the wisdom and inner intelligence that is to be found in each thing.  This, so that the intelligence which is in each thing may enlighten him, that he may draw closer to God through that thing.  For the inner intelligence is a great light that shines for a person in all his ways.”


(From The Writings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev [Likutei Moharan] part 1, section 1


quoted in my book Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order)

The Answer of All Answers

(sidewalk art at the Mul HaKinneret Mall at Tzemach)

“Why hasn’t Ben-Yishai come

both yesterday and today to the repast?”[1]

King Saul asks his son Yehonatan

he’s asking about Ben-Yishai, get it?!

the question of all questions

but in God’s wisdom The Answer

precedes the questions

“Wherefore have you not fulfilled your Law

both yesterday and today to purification?”[2]

Pharaoh’s taskmasters ask the Hebrews

perfect parallel paraphrasing too

so ya can’t miss it!

the slavemasters over our exile ask us

Why are you not fulfilling your Law?

because that will get you out of all Lands of Egypt

only that will get you out of bondage

Have we not had enough?

Do we really need it to get worse?

At what point is saying ouch not enough?

THIS is the answer

this is the ONLY answer

When all else fails, and ALL else HAS failed!

Follow The instructions

THE Manufacturer’s Manual – His Law


[1] Samuel I 20: 27

[2] Shmot/Exodus 5: 14

[Based on a limud in the Rav Moshe Chaim Armoni’s Bati LeArmoni, vol 2, Parashat “Shmot”, page 32

& its summary in my book Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order]