The Egyptian’s Slave

(from Jordan River Dates box)

(from Parashat VaYeshev)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

just a lad of seventeen

mother-orphaned daddy’s-boy

home-schooled in Dad’s tent of Torah

steamy spicy tea and warmth of indoors

innocence without outdoor street-smartness

suddenly sold as an arab slave




no more indoor study

trek through the desert with camels

what’s a nice Jewish boy doing in an Egyptian jail

a Ben-Torah in the hands of idol-worshipping arabs

in a dug pit in the ground

soil of the land of sorcery and impurity

down in the Land of Egypt

lowered into the underground

jail pit of criminals

Joseph committed no crime

Potiphar’s evil wife lied about him

stolen out of the Land of the Hebrews

Joseph only brought good to his master’s home

young boy alone among foreigners to him, all foreign

great holy soul exiled from homeland and home

far away from family, Torah’s tent, and


Author: songsofasoulofisrael

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