A Person’s Obligation to Carry Out [in Action] One’s Part in Torah


Words of Instruction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe ztz”l –


“There are issues that the great [Torah scholars] of the generation keep quiet about, and do not react to,

this is not always proof that one is not supposed to do anything about [these issues],

and find accounts and arguments to avoid [these issues].

One must know that if s/he sees her/himself capable of doing something about the discussed, [then] one needs to do so,

and the fact that those greater than her/himself do not say a word is possibly in order ‘for Pinchas to take the Kehuna [priesthood]’ as it is written in the Midrash…”


(the translated Likutei Sichot, part 2, parashat Pinchas – brought in the Rav Moshe Chaim Armoni’s Bati L’Armoni: Derushim on the Parshot By Way of the PaRDe”S, parshat Pinchas, p. 273)


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