Trauma’s Veto: Making Human History


It’s all written in black-and-white

the area of engagement by chain-link

within the playground all play is permitted

what isn’t is also in black-and-white

and is not play, not for playground

if you get caught

The rules of evidence and procedure

in black-and-white, all human courts

play law within the bounds of the grounds

don’t go out of the lines, play by the rules

law and justice like cowboys-and-Indians

The upper courts lack the black-and-white

rules played ignored or vetoed by above

when rules and lines don’t serve truth and justice

Sometimes they need to pry her open to expel new life

in the name of the plan perforated and torn

do the rules stipulate stitching the holes back together

hold together the older generation in black-and-white

Generations of children spoon-fed by raped mothers

nations fathered by brutalized men

trauma begets more trauma

common sense resolutions vetoed by vice

healthy progress ideas diseased by painful scars

picket fences encroaching on personal space and dignity

hurt speaks for itself over truth and justice

there are no parameters for nuance

cool-headed man-made law by the book

etched in stone for a heart-of-flesh world

don’t let them strip you of empathy and feeling

above will veto by beyond the black-and-white

Author: songsofasoulofisrael

Check out my books: Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order. By Yemima Bakol, Targum Press, 2017 - or - & To Cross The Line With a Bridge, by Yemima Belmont, Rabeinu Publications, 2015 available at - or - - or -

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