The New Jerusalem Will Remain in Jerusalem


They just take off with others’ names and run amok

that’s just how they do it

in the fury confusion they still stir up to smoke screen

may come to think the renewal of, the New

New York and New England

are west of the Atlantic

pioneers to the new world may celebrate the Happy Isles

with firecrackers and smoking pit fires

their Achilles Heel sold as a brand of shoes

Scylla and Charybdis a possible sitcom

Troy and Ulysses’ native Ithaca

seized and repossessed on encroached Indian land

that’s just how they do it, they’ve learned.

They just take off with King David’s capital name and run amok

just the way they do it to confuse and stir up smoke

if you keep up the fury, fog, and frenzy long enough

you wear down all defenses, senses, and sensibilities

they just won’t remember or bother to look it up

they’ll be caught on your meaningless alliteration

analyze then sermonize ad nauseum

spectacular filibuster and dirty diversion decoy

(oh, yet another lovely alliteration for talking head pundits)

glorious money-maker for conspicuous consumption

selling the cheap remake, retagged, redone till unrecognizable

then boycott the original, ban the designer artist

don’t even mention his name so all eventually forget

But the fact-finders and truth-seekers forever survive

to hold them to it by actually opening up The Book

with exact quotes, citations, and cross-references of the scholar

reveal the original designer artist with name and nationality

credit only those connected to the source

exclude the false messiahs, wannabes, attempting-usurpers

they can pin-point precisely on the map and globe

they can rattle off each capital accordingly and correctly

the New Jerusalem will remain in Jerusalem.

Author: songsofasoulofisrael

Check out my books: Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order. By Yemima Bakol, Targum Press, 2017 - or - & To Cross The Line With a Bridge, by Yemima Belmont, Rabeinu Publications, 2015 available at - or - - or -

2 thoughts on “The New Jerusalem Will Remain in Jerusalem”

  1. There’s only One Yerushalayim. Whatever they tried From Nebuchadnezzar up till now. There shall not be a New Yerushalayim. There shall be Yerushalayim


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