Follywood Follyhood


married couples leave their spouses

to embrace actors all for the camera

scenes played out as an altered reality

escape from reality, but real motions

real people playing escape from their actions

do bad actions count if done for the camera

do wrong doings count in the real world

done in the real world for the non-real world

does the Book of Life noted sins done for the show

under the pretense of a fictional character

but actually done and recorded for eternity


all that jazz and folly

hanoi actors directly causing compatriots’ death

script players playing devil’s advocate

realistically playing into the enemy’s hand, serve it

on the home-front acting for the sake of livelihood too follyhood

play on people’s psychology to get them to buy

play on their emotions, don’t let them feel sold

just make sure you close the deal

make struggling common-folk numb as they pull out their card

artistic talent siphoned and diluted for lucrative spam


all the posts and facts in the world

all the red alerts will not get the nation to change

get it off the left and right onto the straight

path of the just not man-made justified

all the wake-up calls all continue to slumber

all the green screens, blue screens, smoke screens

even when you know on screen it’s all fake blood

you know it and hate that you know it

because you also know the truth that’s suppressed

because, no matter what, the show must go on


All Mapped Out

from the art of the Tiberias Open Air Museum

the present is the price to pay to live

perspective of here and now and put one foot in front of the other

the map’s weave of warp and woof

the crossroads in the fabric of society

where you can stick a safety-pin

to pinpoint right here and now

landmark point on the journey’s way

because when you zoom in, the peripherals blur

one perspective is the price to justify

there maybe two sides and a million angles

mortality is the price to pay for reason

that the whole truth and picture are never revealed

after all the card facts are shuffled and dealt

there’s always the joker fact and unseen hand

that human can never know all the facts or points

even all but one

that the tale can exhaust the story, seemingly

there’s always a year before its frame

or five or ten or a century

to bear a totally altered reality on that presented

the presented is the price of never ever knowing it all.