28/6/2018 Today’s Update: Parashat Balak


the sorcerer knows how to weaken our defenses

render the military helpless against sticks ‘n stones

unleash the curse, the secret weapon that already killed 24K of our best and brightest warriors and leaders

ha!  the best camouflaged strike against our entire nation

treads light ‘n silent

but they won’t defend themselves anyway – in the know, willingly

even if you warn them of the most lethal warfare they won’t listen

of course it’s not what they want to hear

how dare moi’s ego be insulted, assaulted, held on trial

truth suppressed, repressed, psycho-babble-devouring defenses

truth too stark and bitter against what I wanna do

can you have them pucker up for the camera

maybe lower the neckline for a great shot

show them just how sexy we are, rephrase modest prudish and stuffy

get them to let it out, let it down, let down our defenses

short-shorts and a dunce cap to let it all hang out, babe, and don’t bore me with priggish old-fashioned words like licentiousness or tell me there’s a straight ‘n narrow, right and wrong

fly the rainbow and kites this is progressive modernity

it’s in how you market it, phrase it, twist it

let the fake-news news-flash persuade you that all you need to know is that the king’s daughter Cosby is hot though on a back page tell of today’s same name rape charges

explain that this is freedom – that they’ll believe, they’ll accept

who will listen to what our Sages revealed that Bil’am the sorcerer revealed his top secret weapon: The God of Israel hates licentiousness (Tractate Sanhedrin 106a)

So, hey!  The new winning sexy – is modest!

That Number 7

(from Proverbs 24: 16)

(sidewalk art at the Mul HaKinneret mall at Tzemach)

he never qualified that number 7

to fall that day, that hour, that lifetime

it can be a moment’s mere slip of faith

a teeter-tottering yo-yoing weakening

that seven times around the bridal canopy

and number of days we sit for our dead

the body, each cell, will rejuvenate if just given the chance

not by chance but choice

the mortal body and soul if nurtured and pushed

how to roll with the punches going down

clincher is to get up no matter what

he also didn’t specify the fall’s degree

a slight slip, a free-falling dive, a spiraling plunge

could the seven fall consecutively one lower than the last

nor did he note how fast to get back up

how long is allowed down to still be defined as fall before rise

after which is considered a settling into the lower part

it is not he who reveals how to get up

all the teachings overcome the seven

all omissions because what is really important, the point

not details nor comparisons nor relativity nor degree

that the saint just gets up.

One Was Abraham

(Ezekiel 33: 24)

(mural on the side of the HaMashbir in Tiberias)

its continent’s soil still steeped in blood of innocent masses

its guillotines only recently rinsed, wiped, and archived

feign horror at moors responsive beheadings

and crusading slaughter of its own false beliefs

can it not admit bad judgment

its gas chambers still ventilating yet renovated for entertainment

its pyres still cooling from burning human flesh at the stake

why it still denies faulty moral faculties

can it still not realize The Word at Sinai the totality of truth

in which no J of their god exists in the language of Revelation

thus so easily duped at a mob claiming nationhood that cannot pronounce its own name

lack the very capital consonant it waves as its banner

indeed, they are all wrong, arrogantly in error

the world can too easily and again be in error, but one

as has been before history continually repeating itself

dumb bunnies blinded by the glare of their own double standards

silly rabbit dumbed and numbed by its glaring hypocrisy

their Monkey Trial and kangaroo courts

bananas and nuts Orwellian Animal Farm

to keep the world a Darwinian jungle

warped perspective, blurred vision passing judgment

demand we check our soul with our coat at the door

insist we can never check out, save leave six feet under

all of the followers and believers of the J-god are what they eat

too much pork consumed to identify their own unkosher idolatry

their produce pulled from blood-saturated soil

who are they, in their double standards and hypocrisy, still stuffed with bacon and spam, to come teach us our Book

even if only a few individuals truly get it, or one lone Abraham

divinely-Chosen People upholding divine absolute Law, order, and morals

absolute verdict that all idolatrous beasts wrong though they strut and prey and

persist their repetitious chants of denial trying to drown out the truth

numbers matter not, of repetitions or masses: One Was Abraham.

The Last of the Days


said the last of the Mohicans

after witnessing all posterity plummet and die

“The White man pushed the Red man out of their land

a new people will come, the same thing will happen to the white man”

yes, the Red Coat man had to be driven from our land

perceived frontier border of settled inhabited place

beyond which are inhabited places settled by the wild

tribal mannerisms and order, honor and bravery

Red Coat’s definition and distain for the heathen

to force the whole world to be English

British Mandate of idolatry and unholy crown

by definition and distain of The King of Kings

there is nothing new under the sun

said the true king and believer of the Land the heathen Red Coats conquered

Canaanite land ruled by idolatrous kings from time immemorial

five of Edom, and those of Sodom and Gomorrah

a brave new world to leave behind bankrupt assumptions

of manner and mannerisms and manners

all that’s red, their red blood-thirst for our souls

bias false blue-bloods and foreign traditions and ways

Go West, young man!  of the Jordan

to the New Jerusalem – in Jerusalem

leave the old world of the Americas and Europe for freedom

from the chains of bad faith in the physical of this world

in the false might and mighty, in the idolatry of muscle and musket

because the wilderness never disappeared

it’s still in our hardened hearts wanting cultivation

wild weeds of bad desires and vices

into a new great spirit and heart of flesh

no matter where I’ve gone in exile, I always find You

once we were here

now we are back

as planned by His Plan

The Last of the Israelites are

God’s Will: revitalized Children of Israel on their Promised Land

true battle cry of freedom: Hear, Israel, God is One!

The Jerusalem of My Youth


intoxicating hot fragrance of wild dill

emitting from these surrounding holy hills

permeating the mystical air itself

that haunting sense that something big will occur soon

between the Kastel and Motza

mountain bend and first glimpse of the city

small town feel of open fields

between Rechavia and Beit HaKerem big-sky country

skipping over boulders and hiking trails inner-city

where happen upon Naomi Shemer and Leon Uris

before the foundation of whole neighborhoods

and highways and tunnels and big

King David and the Rashash must have stepped right here

our Sages and Kings wouldn’t recognize today’s metropolis

traffic jams and light-rail tracks

Baruch Hashem

Little Pockets

(for Gabby)

(art from the Tiberias Open Air Museum)



little pockets of escape from this world

enormous bubblegum balloons behind tinted car windows

cranked up tune on open roads

belting out off-key free-falling lyrics

the demons remain after dark and into the day

there are no real ribbons or badges

just the passing mark


we’re the jerry maguire integrity

that won’t put up with business as usual

we want heart and soul

all those things people know and think but don’t say or admit

we do! – we live it! – will do and hear

we’re an age of fed-up abused wives

look like the unloved loving dorothy boyd

we’ll leave everything to be in the right place

leave our land, homeland, and father’s house

to be where we need to be

we’ve taken a beating, slaps, knives in the back

tomas de torquemada, adolf, yasser

left a struggling single mom – and that’s sacred

held on to ray and the covenant dearly

though almost lost hold that single silver cord thread keeping upright

once or four times, because we stick it loyally

You complete me


against your will you’re born to bear it here

all a free will test of integrity and faith

you do get pockets though, little pockets

a joke or chat over coffee

name of the game is to stick it here

boots on the ground stick with the One

experience against trying to lean on wobbly crutches

air pockets just as you think you’re drowning

starring roles in real-life soap operas

so is this home you left us in

battered-wives’ shelter or home, home or Home

home-coming and apologies long overdue

enough! come home and rebuild the Home