Little Pockets

(for Gabby)

(art from the Tiberias Open Air Museum)



little pockets of escape from this world

enormous bubblegum balloons behind tinted car windows

cranked up tune on open roads

belting out off-key free-falling lyrics

the demons remain after dark and into the day

there are no real ribbons or badges

just the passing mark


we’re the jerry maguire integrity

that won’t put up with business as usual

we want heart and soul

all those things people know and think but don’t say or admit

we do! – we live it! – will do and hear

we’re an age of fed-up abused wives

look like the unloved loving dorothy boyd

we’ll leave everything to be in the right place

leave our land, homeland, and father’s house

to be where we need to be

we’ve taken a beating, slaps, knives in the back

tomas de torquemada, adolf, yasser

left a struggling single mom – and that’s sacred

held on to ray and the covenant dearly

though almost lost hold that single silver cord thread keeping upright

once or four times, because we stick it loyally

You complete me


against your will you’re born to bear it here

all a free will test of integrity and faith

you do get pockets though, little pockets

a joke or chat over coffee

name of the game is to stick it here

boots on the ground stick with the One

experience against trying to lean on wobbly crutches

air pockets just as you think you’re drowning

starring roles in real-life soap operas

so is this home you left us in

battered-wives’ shelter or home, home or Home

home-coming and apologies long overdue

enough! come home and rebuild the Home

Author: songsofasoulofisrael

Check out my books: Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order. By Yemima Bakol, Targum Press, 2017 - or - & To Cross The Line With a Bridge, by Yemima Belmont, Rabeinu Publications, 2015 available at - or - - or -

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