The Last of the Days


said the last of the Mohicans

after witnessing all posterity plummet and die

“The White man pushed the Red man out of their land

a new people will come, the same thing will happen to the white man”

yes, the Red Coat man had to be driven from our land

perceived frontier border of settled inhabited place

beyond which are inhabited places settled by the wild

tribal mannerisms and order, honor and bravery

Red Coat’s definition and distain for the heathen

to force the whole world to be English

British Mandate of idolatry and unholy crown

by definition and distain of The King of Kings

there is nothing new under the sun

said the true king and believer of the Land the heathen Red Coats conquered

Canaanite land ruled by idolatrous kings from time immemorial

five of Edom, and those of Sodom and Gomorrah

a brave new world to leave behind bankrupt assumptions

of manner and mannerisms and manners

all that’s red, their red blood-thirst for our souls

bias false blue-bloods and foreign traditions and ways

Go West, young man!  of the Jordan

to the New Jerusalem – in Jerusalem

leave the old world of the Americas and Europe for freedom

from the chains of bad faith in the physical of this world

in the false might and mighty, in the idolatry of muscle and musket

because the wilderness never disappeared

it’s still in our hardened hearts wanting cultivation

wild weeds of bad desires and vices

into a new great spirit and heart of flesh

no matter where I’ve gone in exile, I always find You

once we were here

now we are back

as planned by His Plan

The Last of the Israelites are

God’s Will: revitalized Children of Israel on their Promised Land

true battle cry of freedom: Hear, Israel, God is One!

Author: songsofasoulofisrael

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