One Was Abraham

(Ezekiel 33: 24)

(mural on the side of the HaMashbir in Tiberias)

its continent’s soil still steeped in blood of innocent masses

its guillotines only recently rinsed, wiped, and archived

feign horror at moors responsive beheadings

and crusading slaughter of its own false beliefs

can it not admit bad judgment

its gas chambers still ventilating yet renovated for entertainment

its pyres still cooling from burning human flesh at the stake

why it still denies faulty moral faculties

can it still not realize The Word at Sinai the totality of truth

in which no J of their god exists in the language of Revelation

thus so easily duped at a mob claiming nationhood that cannot pronounce its own name

lack the very capital consonant it waves as its banner

indeed, they are all wrong, arrogantly in error

the world can too easily and again be in error, but one

as has been before history continually repeating itself

dumb bunnies blinded by the glare of their own double standards

silly rabbit dumbed and numbed by its glaring hypocrisy

their Monkey Trial and kangaroo courts

bananas and nuts Orwellian Animal Farm

to keep the world a Darwinian jungle

warped perspective, blurred vision passing judgment

demand we check our soul with our coat at the door

insist we can never check out, save leave six feet under

all of the followers and believers of the J-god are what they eat

too much pork consumed to identify their own unkosher idolatry

their produce pulled from blood-saturated soil

who are they, in their double standards and hypocrisy, still stuffed with bacon and spam, to come teach us our Book

even if only a few individuals truly get it, or one lone Abraham

divinely-Chosen People upholding divine absolute Law, order, and morals

absolute verdict that all idolatrous beasts wrong though they strut and prey and

persist their repetitious chants of denial trying to drown out the truth

numbers matter not, of repetitions or masses: One Was Abraham.

Author: songsofasoulofisrael

Check out my books: Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order. By Yemima Bakol, Targum Press, 2017 - or - & To Cross The Line With a Bridge, by Yemima Belmont, Rabeinu Publications, 2015 available at - or - - or -

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