That Number 7

(from Proverbs 24: 16)

(sidewalk art at the Mul HaKinneret mall at Tzemach)

he never qualified that number 7

to fall that day, that hour, that lifetime

it can be a moment’s mere slip of faith

a teeter-tottering yo-yoing weakening

that seven times around the bridal canopy

and number of days we sit for our dead

the body, each cell, will rejuvenate if just given the chance

not by chance but choice

the mortal body and soul if nurtured and pushed

how to roll with the punches going down

clincher is to get up no matter what

he also didn’t specify the fall’s degree

a slight slip, a free-falling dive, a spiraling plunge

could the seven fall consecutively one lower than the last

nor did he note how fast to get back up

how long is allowed down to still be defined as fall before rise

after which is considered a settling into the lower part

it is not he who reveals how to get up

all the teachings overcome the seven

all omissions because what is really important, the point

not details nor comparisons nor relativity nor degree

that the saint just gets up.

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