Habeas Corpus or Animus Bet Din Shel Ma’alah


from the art of the Tiberias Open Air Museum


But, trust me, it isn’t in latin
call up for the neshama
virtual reality, parallel reality, experience
vicarious feeling by jury duty
american part of the corpus called upon
to serve in court of below, serving justice
just a soul witnessing another on trial
stand before a judge, recount of charge
what is not adjudged below is so
by above, nothing lost or forgotten
is it better down here than above
a taste of jury duty in the World of Truth
staged to adjudge myself unidentified
King David got to do it down here
Natan the Prophet asked him to adjudge
with single sheep and parallel realities
even King David didn’t adjudge self not-guilty
but merited justice down here, being time
and he did his neshama justice here
Tzaddikim pass on when their soul is called up
to serve as judges in the Upper Courts.

When Apples Drop & Forbidden Fruit Fells


(street art in the middle of an intersection in downtown Tiberius)

God did not rest, He created rest, He is rest
He created rest for the rest of Him, His creation
man observes the physical blind of its source and
thinks “there is no unique standard of rest”
“all bodies fall at the same rate”
“a body will accelerate at the rate proportional to the force”
six days dimensions of this world, physical world of action
seventh, the twilight dimension to The World to Come
rest of this seventh, twilight zone above physics
rest being this seventh is the unique standard of rest
it itself is rest, placeless place above physical
perfection, completion like the circle, eternal
do not cannot add to or subtract from wholeness
movement is to quell lack in imperfection
rest cannot be measured by laws of this world
rest is perfection, whole completion, supernatural
rest is The World to Come
Torah, Shabbat, above beyond nature, together
are the standard of rest, His will and goal of the physical
The to and from, running up and back of souls
no two souls fall at the same rate
no two souls accelerate at the same rate
all are in relation to The creating Force.