E Pluribus Unum


I celebrate not myself, nor sing myself

or at least try not, work to uproot my self,

for every atom in me belongs to Him

the Endless sea, constant transmission of life

I am merely a drop longing to return to His sea

blend with borderless oneness

egocentricity bears no fruit, tho’ you may

define your self as poet

a bed-fellow like yours chops down your family tree

your breast of herbage is beneath mortal form

song must be directed, for energy is never lost

and no one lives in a vacuum

I sing to this sea, that even a leaf of grass

all stems and grows from His root,

the true origin of all poems and song

I am my soul, the other to you

material is material fact to you, that you confuse

the spirit cannot be called by just any other name

the Creator breathed living spirit into Man,

who was once the only one, but not alone

Absolute Reality


(part III of a III-part poem in Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order) –


everything known

everything obvious

and not so obvious


everything unknown

yet, but will be


everything unknown

and that will remain as such,

because we are limited mortals

thinking only linearly, logically

not all is linear or logical

Absolute Reality

the grand total

Absolute Reality


(part II of a III-part poem in Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order)


documented reported evidence

in black & white

written in the paper –

flimsy hard copy –

cut it out and filed as fact

without noting the correction posted


creating darkness in understanding

from white lie

how many millions read the lie?

how few read the note?

all those term papers substantiated,

prejudices evoked,

conclusions reached

all based on a mistake

all devoured without checking the ingredients.


Absolute Reality


(part I of a III-part poem in Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order)

part I   it seemed like yesterday an old

garment said farewell to its generation

of fashion, placed deep in a closet

for the next time this fashion would repeat

its turn in the cycle

to be rediscovered – in its pocket

an old, misplaced, forgotten picture of two children

with two names on the back, one being hers

so she had a brother?  she had never known

but here he is now – proof – right now,

a displacement of then right now

creating a new reality by the addition

why she had not known until then

shaped her reality, which is a part

like a partial truth (a lie?)

of the picture at large – that was small and faded

but served its purpose, in its time.

The Fall of the Roman Empire

(one of the poems in my book Disillusions: A Spiritual GPS For the Journeyer & The Real New World Order (Targum Press) that was just released)



hypnotic non-stop commercials from Big Brother

create a desire, buy what you don’t need

full-time leisurely pursuit of trivia

systematic sly swap of good and evil

arrogant, idolatrous Edom tries to lead us in singing

as if we could be the one Champion of the world

virtuous integrity compromised for entertainment

I said I loved you, but I lied

no, Jeremiah was not a bullfrog

nor Moses a cat

basic disrespect for divine values

by cheap conspicuous consumption

that’ll do anything for a buck

P.S. even for their big and only – pizza

(their emperor’s trademark), but

there’s no more Something for Nothing

and, hey, an underdog isn’t a puppy

nor 1st-degree murderers heroes

(as in the sandwich)

the great towering tree looks mean `n lean

but its guts are rotten

and roots wasted, dude

(too stoned to know who’s on first)

it’ll soon all topple down

no one believed it would fall

after all, it wasn’t built in a day

but when enough of us left enslavement

from behind the Iron Curtain, like Egypt

party-time got washed away

and is no more.