[the two poems that open To Cross the Line With a Bridge]


Snack Bar Verdict:
(Ingredients: Truth®Classic)

They wanted to believe in you, religion
They felt in their hearts that He ordained order and purpose
But you didn’t prove yourself
to be all you stated
and were cracked up to be
They wanted to know why
you told them how
They wanted details
you slabbed on slogan
Religion failed as a hip commodity
because it didn’t market truth effectively
They’re reading the labels, you know
They want to know what’s in it
and what it will do to them
They want to see the consumer reports
They want assurance that it works
So, the expert opinion is that you
Religion, are a true, quality product
that has been packaged unprofessionally
(Yet that does not equate with defamation.)
There are those who do not read the labels
who abuse by not consuming as directed
and they are not cause (or are they?)
They are not our target consumer
They won’t use our customer service line
or save their receipts
A good product abused
will not do good
garbage in, garbage out
They are robotic consciousness
that are programmed even to murder
to which they’ll explain they were only fulfilling orders
They beef up Satan
from their self-serving recipes of holy war
But you, Dr. Religion, are found not-guilty
of malpractice.


The People vs. B’nei Yisrael

stoned on nostalgia
of all that good food back in bondage
“hey, no beer in the desert?…
Your Honor, it was The People, not us, who murmured
against Moses, that never-resting revolutionist
did everything against the grain
(what, believe in just one God?)
the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune
and a whole sea of troubles
he merely divided with his staff
a stuttering old geezer to challenge Pharaoh & serve the nation?
doesn’t fit The People’s textbook on leadership
The People want to be “normal” (=like the other nations)
to do anything anywhere & in front of everybody &
won’t dare jeopardize their academic, intellectual reputation on
anything Jewish (or allow its expression, damn it)
They want their personal safety
Who cares about anybody else –
especially Defendant’s dead ancestors
So bye-bye Miss American Pie
Prosecution drove his fancy Chevy to Levy
(oh, leave him alone to study Torah with Cohen)

The prosecuting People politically posted Ms. anti-B’nei Yisrael
to educate the children of Israel – objection!
sour fruit of post-Zionist policy
bad breed of self-idolatry
infesting B’nei Yisrael’s celebration of Life
with hissing self-coined definitions of Good & Evil
natural, unisexual, preservative-free Democracy
(welcoming black tie, but, Heaven forbid, black coat)
God gave the Land of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
to that lineage alone: Yes, B’nei Yisrael.

Defendant is charged to make itself holy,
to be a Light for all nations,
and not darkness to itself.
& Recalibrate the politically-correct vocabulary:
Modesty is beautiful.
The spirit is in and the body out.
Good is good and evil, bad.
Heaven is up and earth, down.
the most dangerous enemy is present
the cunning camouflage of the threat
posing as us, among us
enemies of God & defaming the Defendant
red herring to them, milk & honey to us
their Clearance sign reads: “Eat me.”
The People read it all backwards, through the looking-glass
“you’d generally get to somewhere else – if you ran very fast
for a long time,” our thirsty children beseech, to which
they are callously choked with very dry biscuits – for the dogs
Stop trying to run by their rules, children
Defense goes by a different book
The People are not B’nei Yisrael.
Plaintiff’s case is hereby condemned.

From the Poetry of Hanna Senesh


20170924_001806[quoted in chapter 9 of To Cross The Line With A Bridge (Rabeinu Publications, 2015)]


Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame.

Blessed is the flame that burns in the secret fastness of the heart.

Blessed is the heart with strength to stop its beating for honor’s sake.

Blessed is the match consumed in kindling flame.




14368787_1756978211223680_8676004358699955143_nYavniel is a real-life, living picture of the fairy-tale depictions of the Land of Milk and Honey.  And those who live here never get used to its magnificence, day after day.  They will even argue that it is THE picture of The Promised Land flowing with milk and honey (To Cross The Line With a Bridge, chapter 8). Continue reading “Yavniel”