The Dawning

It is always darkest just before the dawn

ending darkness on the face of the abyss

before the divine spirit hovers over the face of the water

and creates the light, driving out the lesser chaos and basest darkness

and the land was filled with lesser idolatry chaos

did it dawn on the invaders that the indigenous were

a lesser evil, a middle-way, a lesser idolatrous chaos

ask the mayans, hawaiians, maoris, aborigines, celts (or saxons no matter) about the

conquistadors (montezuma too mistaken belief of some god’s return)

the basest darkness of Edom ravishing all lands they tread

the sun never set over their darkness, their sword and greed

all those humans sacrificed to quetzalcoatl, kulkulcan

feathered serpent as demanded Eve’s blood life-force

all those humans slaughtered to quell the conquistadors’ god

that basest of darkness gods feeding on crusades and inquisition

the snake will not rest until the pure and holy is banned from the garden

the Tree of Life remains in the garden undefiled, undefiable  

did it ever dawn on them that human sacrifice and blood are not wanted

it cannot dawn on Edom the very essence of darkness

the waters depth of Torah hover and refills the thirst of the holy that will reveal

the hidden light in the ensuing dawn

That One-Time Spectacular Sinai

On that recorded third day inscribed for eternity

Noted specifically occurred in the morning, remember

Calling voice, lightning, and a heavy cloud on the mountain

Amplified shofar call very strong throughout the world

All knew all felt all trembled all feared all awe

No second revelation existed ever after

No following announcement of management change

Or fireworks of a chosen replacement

An entire eristic discourse could be launched to dispel

While still the one truth remains intact

No search needed for truth as it descended

That once on Sinai, the entire world knew

For who is any mortal to assume authority, management

Self-appointed arrogance in defiance

Denying the non-mortal’s will and decision

And plan and thought of creation established before

Time and creation, there is no change of plan or replacement

They forced their profane way by the sword and blood

And we never gave up or gave in

But held tight to the eternal tree of life, absolute truth

When will they admit foul play and wrong?

 Only when they are finally forced to

Ode to the Disclosure of Alan Turing and His Imitation Game

He’s the true unsung hero of the great war

Battle of Light over the darkness of the other side

All that time he worked for His Majesty

But they were not paying attention

Not asking the right questions

Nor saying the right words, just the right few

The Words are gibberish till disclosed

Until That Day Permission is give on High to disclose

For on That Day He will hide His Face

A double concealment

He’s working undercover, hiding in plain sight

They don’t even know He’s hiding, as He works

For he is merely a metaphor

The One Who no one imagines will do the unimaginable

Because the Turning point is not granted disclosure, yet

For the collective soul to perceive, consciousness

Now they have evolved to reverse the bullying the wrong

The misconceptions, the false beliefs, to come learn The Truth

On that Day He will be One and His Name One

Christian US Politics 2020 – and beyond

A lot of serious people fell for it

He stood up and said he’ll bring “change”

People want to better their lives – Yeah!

So many people adored and made him

Their leader, their new god

Only a few saw through the farse

 Looked up The Law to decide

And what change does he propose

The many never checked, never verified

Only these few knew he has a foreign father

That bastard! Fooled the many multitudes

Those multitudes turned to destroy the few

The few who would not go along

The few who would not be deceived

The few who looked it up and checked

The few who really knew

They attacked the few, demanded blood

Kill all who refuse to accept this “change”

Their leader and god

Desecrated and destroyed and deceived

After so many years and so many lies

It then starts with a news flash

Everything you thought you knew about

Is all wrong, a fabrication lead so many astray

21st century thinking allows for smashing

Theories, conceptions, idols – out of the box

And it will yet be announced and cleared up

Yet some of those serious people still hold by the hoax

They still believe in him and wear his cross

The next big idea

(Inspired from Dr. Daphne Koller’s TED Talk)


They are looking for the next big idea, innovation

They are looking for the next Albert Einstein

They are looking for the secrets of human learning

They want to go from the hypothesis-driven mode

To an actual data-driven mode, of human beings

Experiments and studies on flesh and blood

to come up with the answers, the good strategies

versus ineffective learning and misconceptions

But the big idea already surfaced, and they missed it

Where a whole people ate supernatural food, defied nature

Maybe need to check what they’re eating, check that variant

After all, you are what you eat, as food is cultural

A whole people who have defied all the calculations

All the statistics and odds and probabilities and theories

A small-sized people who defeated the mighty

A nation who has been engaging and living their study

Their content in flipped classrooms for thousands of years

Innovative blended learning, fellowship partner learning

Since the Yeshiva of Shem and Ever, Noah’s son and great-great

For thousands of years, intact to date, preserved scrolls

The secrets of success to make this world a better place

Shunned and truth rewritten into misconceptions and lies left

With obsolete measurements and studies, they missed it

Their special diet should have been investigated, a key variant

To deviate from it blocks the ability to understand the Heavens

Revealed at Sinai above and outshines all empirical breakthroughs

The next big idea is yet to re-surface, can no longer be disregarded.

That Burn

When you birth your way through a turtleneck top

Crown then pull yourself all the way into the world

A moment’s brush against your face blackout

Remember it’s to get you nice and warm after

The stretch and pull and burn of a physical demand

That doesn’t stop when your muscles have reached their max

Demand one more lap or rep or mile to exceed

Physical burn persists beyond the soul’s endurance

But the muscle strengthens and is bettered

After only after with the sweet relief of retrospect

Of being after and in a better place

Voltaire’s Candide

The core difference between our people alive in belief

In One God and many worlds and returning life

Opposite their many gods and one life to live

Their Columbian exchange chocolate for disease

Yes, Candide, this is the best of all worlds

Where we retain free will with God’s Law

Where James drowns saving a terrible person

Rav Anan demanded of Eliyahu Explain! the injustice to my eyes[1]

How can it be How can that happy Why

But we are not to ask why

Up against the grand cosmic Thought of Creation

We await the moment when the stop-watch says time

Free will over, converts no longer admitted because

There will be nothing to choose from, can no longer

Choose evil will no longer be, no more options

That better overmorrow beyond the routine status quo

[1] Tanna Dvei Eliyahu

Just Before He Shows

It’s all for the best, evidence of pain

Trials only given to the strong, evidence of struggle

It’s so tough here now they didn’t want to be here now

Today’s darkness so too harsh that they foresaw

Pinnacle of faith and spirituality could not endure

Insufferable times can barely hang on

Pandemic of emptiness and purposelessness

Our great Sages did not want to be here now

Said Olah I don’t want to be there then and see it

Yete veho Ichmeinia, Rav Yosef Abaye to Rabba

He will come and I won’t want to see him[1]

Would not bear the bear weighing on us

It is we who traverse the Valley of the Shadow of Death[2]

So many losing hope, losing the way, their soul

So much effort to put one foot in front of the other

So much loneliness and bitterness and evil abounding

Within this excessive evidence of pain and struggle we exist

It’s all for the best we must boost ourselves

Give us the benefit of the doubt by virtue of our sheer endurance

The very fact that we are here now

In only the Shadow, evidence of life, of the end before he shows

[1] Tractate Sanhedrin 98b

[2][2] Tehillim 23: 4

All the World’s a Stage Said the Playwright

Once boots on the ground run to escape from reality

The price of getaways inebriated intoxicated altered states

Expenditures to numb sensation of reality burn

Mega industry of make-believe and pretend

Playgrounds and courts and nets ensnaring game ball and player

Do you work in the real world or are you an actor or player

Get into character transform morph into someone else

Entire lives consumed and consuming others in the tinsel non-existence

Massive addition to façade, epidemic of mask wearers

Long ago relinquished and forgotten their own true identity

Just a little make-up and the authentic self is hidden and gone

At the end the questions of who you are and accomplished

This world’s façade lie where golden idols applaud pretending actors playing roles

Replacing the glorified costume for truth

Lucrative business to keep from what’s real

Sweet blackmail payoffs to keep distance from the soul

The real purpose we’re here in the first place

Gated McMansions to keep out soliciting reality checks

Entire lives on that 5-minute break or half-time

The means meant to serve the end reversed

Because there’s real work to be done here

The soul weeps lost of its intended purpose didn’t come to play

Test of Free Will – Part II

But you toil alone, a social animal seeking to hold hands

Purification to individuals only, community necessity

But you cannot delegate, leader or companion to lean on

Guidance direction, but never in our stead

Cannot do the work for you

Don’t let the company sidetrack or fool you

Abandoned to get that down pat

Though maybe I never will

The absolute worst-case scenario – if

He turns His back on me the fuzzy warm Light dims

Where the desolate expanse stretches on forever

Where the demons black out plunge to bottomless abyss

Where no help is to be had or care or

Where the forgotten aguna left in lonely solitude limbo

Where you try your hardest and is never enough

Where you know no one would attend your funeral

Blank barren wasted wasteland end in the emptiness

Tank in the red to shoot at full speed forward

The tell you it’s all a test with a story a metaphor an allegory

 Finals set on timers for just so many hours

Test put in the rink with too-big-for-me demon

Unfair fist fight into the gut and soul